The Problem

The companies that win are Courageous. The rest get left behind or, worse, they die.

Invention was never your issue. It’s the perils of reinvention. In today’s ruthless business landscape, brands must buck the norm of preservation mode in order to liberate their business models forward. Half the S&P 500 are predicted to be replaced over the next decade and 9000 brands will revolve on and off the Fortune 500 over the next six decades. Yet, there's a lack of urgency across most organizations to address these callous realities. Courageous exists to help you and your team believe again. We help leaders, teams and companies learn how—and where—to take calculated, courageous action.

Why we need Courageous now: The 4 Truths of the Business Apocalypse


Businesses of all shapes, sizes, and sectors are perishing

52% of the Fortune 500 since 2000 are extinct. The Boston Consulting Group just released a study that reports that businesses of every shape, size and sector, are susceptible to death—doing so at the fastest rate in history.

You need time, but you don’t have time

CEO and CMO tenures are going in the wrong direction. For a new CMO, by the time you get up to speed on the business, you must decide if you’ll choose short term wins which diminishes future long term value of the brand. Focusing on small wins means sacrificing the highs to mitigate the lows.


What got you here, won’t keep you here

Do you clearly understand what it takes for your business to not only survive, but thrive tomorrow? Iterating is not innovating. Either you drive change or change drives you.

We’re wired to fear change

The experts suggest that 95% of us operate in a state of freeze or flight, while only 5% of us have the courageous chops to unite and fight. This means 95% of companies are in preservation mode while only 5% have that courageous mentality.